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State-Of-The-Art Tools and Solutions
to Create a Safer Future

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As the world and society reaps the advantages of new technologies, it becomes evident that criminals are quick to exploit them as well. While public safety endeavors to keep pace with the ever-changing refinement of crime and evidence, the gap between their efforts and the increasing challenges continues to widen. As technology advances and criminals adapt, the challenges facing law enforcement have become increasingly complex. In today’s world, many criminals operate from behind a screen, using fake identities and sophisticated tactics to evade capture. The fight against crime extends beyond law enforcement agencies, as corporations and individuals actively engage in internal and private investigations to combat fraud and criminal events.

At Barter Security,  it is our mission to empower both public safety agencies and corporate entities with the finest available tools to address their unique investigative needs. By leveraging the latest technologies and innovative methodologies, we aim to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and speed of investigations. Our comprehensive range of cutting-edge tools is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing workflows, enabling investigators to extract actionable insights and uncover crucial evidence more effectively than ever before.

More Than a Technology Supplier

We understand that our solutions and tools are only as effective as the people who use them. That’s why we emphasize in training, our team of experts offers hands-on training and ongoing technical support to ensure that our solutions and tools are used effectively.




Raptor Signal seeker, our innovative Search and Rescue System for Search and Rescue (SAR) missions that accurately locates missing persons through their cell phones, geolocate missing persons by turning their phones into emergency beacons. In challenging circumstances, innovative solutions are essential.


At our Wireless Forensics Solutions, we specialize in conducting thorough analyses of wireless communications, encompassing both mobile and wireless networking technologies (Wi-Fi). With our advanced knowledge and cutting-edge tools, we deliver unparalleled forensic information for investigations related to wireless communication. Our expertise and resources enable us to provide exceptional insights and evidence in this specialized field.


Monitoring the dark web is of utmost importance due to the significant risks and threats it poses to individuals, organizations, and society. Our Dark Cloud service is continuously monitoring thousands of Darknet sources, allowing users to gain valuable insights into illicit activities, emerging cyber threats, and potential data breaches. Dark Cloud harvests and structures the data into actionable intelligence and makes it available to their customers via a secure cloud-based API and user interface.


Gather data, extract insights, and deliver reports for criminal investigations -all in our FALKOR platform. The most efficient way to filter and utilize mountains of data. Maximize the value of the big data you acquire from various digital sources. Avoid getting overwhelmed by excessive and disorganized data ever again. Let FALKOR analyze and discover things a human-mind cannot easily do alone.


We provide equipment and solutions tailored for Intelligence Units, aiding in the pursuit of criminals.  We strive to equip Intelligence Units with the necessary tools to  effectively combat crime and maintain public safety. it's important to note that most solutions are exclusively available for authorized public safety use.



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