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Our advanced analytics platform FALKOR enables investigators to make sense of large amount of digital data quickly and efficiently.  Falkor offers the world’s first analyst operating system, uniting and managing data from any source.  So, analysts have all the tools and functionality they need in one platform. As new data is constantly streaming into investigations. Teams and organizations gather and store data inconsistently, making it hard to see the full picture. And tired technology means analysts struggle to collaborate, so it’s easy to miss updates, lose track of data, and retread the same ground.


Once you start using FALKOR you will:

  • Supercharge your workflows and move seamlessly from data gathering to analysis to reporting.

  • Elevate team collaboration by assigning tasks, sharing notes, and granting secure, permission-based access.

  • Centralize access to information with wikis and other knowledge management docs stored and updated in one place.

  • Integrate and analyze any data source without leaving Falkor’s all-in-one platform.

  • Cut through the noise by letting Falkor trawl through data, identify relationships, and put the most important info in your hands.

More information available upon request.

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