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Our leading solution: Dark Cloud detects, investigates, and monitors threats on the darknet and other relevant places on the internet. As everyone knows, internet facilitates crime, especially anonymous places like the darknet and specific non-moderated places like chan boards attract criminal minds to discuss subjects and opportunities that might threaten your organization, country, or city.  

Dark Cloud is a service, which is continuously monitoring thousands of Darknet sources.  Dark Cloud harvest and structure the data into actionable intelligence and make it available to you via a secure cloud-based API and User Interface. We call it Darknet Intelligence as a Service; it is the most complete dataset in the market; you will gain access to the most complete Dark web databases with over 5 years of archive and other relevant sources. Search and Filter using our intelligence to easily drill down to the information that is relevant to your organization, case or geographical area.


The anonymity of the Darknet has proven to attract criminal minds that discuss subjects and opportunities that threaten your organization, country, or city. Until now using this open but very much unorganized set of data was hard. The Dark Cloud Darknet dataset will get you instantly tapped in and deliver you the opportunity to learn, prevent, detect, and investigate.

More information available upon request.

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