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Forensics is the application of scientific tests  or techniques used in criminal investigations. In today's world of crime, where technology plays an increasingly significant role, forensic solutions and tools have become indispensable for law enforcement agencies and investigators. As criminals adopt more sophisticated methods to operate, such as using cell phones and wi-fi access points, forensic experts need to have access to proper technologies to unravel their activities and bring them to justice.

For Mobile Networks, BTS Hunter is a smartphone-based cellular network analyzer. It scans  the radio frequency spectrum, specifically the bands assigned to cellular or mobile service providers.  it identifies and monitors cellular networks from an engineering approach,  giving full details -Signal Strength, LAC, Cell ID, PCI, ARFCN, Channel, SBI2, etc.-, of the multiple  BTS’s (Base Transceiver Station) operating in the area in which the scan is performed. This allows the investigator to assess the Complete Mobile Network in specific areas, regardless of the service provider, learning which antennas  (BTS’s) provide the strongest signal by Operator, providing real facts and sensitive Information to law enforcement agencies to reconstruct the paths taken by specific criminal activities.


For WiFi Networks, WiFi Hunter is a smartphone-based WiFi network analyzer. It scans  the surrounding WiFi bands (2.4 and 5 Ghz), it is designed to reveal precise wireless  network information:  It will gather details about Wi-Fi networks in the encompassing area. Its capabilities include tracking active Wi-Fi clients,  displaying a list of clients connected to each access point, capturing half and full handshakes, collecting probe  requests and performing traffic recording, among many others features. The WiFi hunter application will detect and locate  nearby access points and wi-fi enabled  devices (clients) with pinpoint accuracy, regardless of if  they are connected to any access point or not. It will also perform massive  DE authentication  (clients are force disconnected from  their access points). It comes with directional finding technology, allowing to precisely locate any active Signal transmitting Wi-Fi device.

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