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Raptor Signal Seeker

Revolutionizing Search and Rescue Operations

With Mobile Technology

Raptor Signal seeker, our innovative Search and Rescue System for Search and Rescue (SAR) missions that accurately locates missing persons through their cell phones, maximizes missions in which every second counts.


In SAR operations, time is of the essence. Raptor Signal Seeker helps rescue teams to quickly  geolocate missing persons by turning their phones into emergency beacons. This way, operations  can be more agile, reducing risks and optimizing resources.  During disasters, smartphones are often the most accessible and reliable communication devices carried by individuals,  making them an ideal tool for quick response time, precision coordinates, and extreme reliability in Search and Rescue missions. The Raptor Signal Seeker features technology that mimics a base station so that mobile phones of victims connect to it, helping search and rescue teams quickly and effectively  identify the location of injured or lost people and send rescuers to support them. 

7777_Helicopter flying low trying to find people after a disaster.png
7777_Helicopter trying to find people after an avalanche.png

The technology can be deployed by mountain rescue teams, police forces and the military  to enhance the speed of search and rescue operations by identifying their exact location in advance of sending a rescue team. It can be used in airplanes, helicopters, UAV’s and Drones.  It has proven effective at a range of 8,000 to 12,000 feet.   Rapid deployment of an emergency mobile network. Quickly set up the emergency mobile network within the disaster zone, establish  network connectivity for one-to-one mobile handset communication around the site, while maintaining complete command over mobile devices located in the vicinity.


Short Message Service Capability
Utilize SMS broadcasting feature to furnish victims in the disaster zone with current  recovery information or leverage it for prompt alerts regarding imminent emergencies. You can also specifically send SMS, or make a call to a specific mobile device in the disaster area.


Geolocate victims by their handsets
Utilize the directional tracking feature to accurately pinpoint the location of a  mobile device and rescue individuals from hazardous areas.

More information available upon request


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